Video Production Rates

Video and Production Rates

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Do you just need someone to come and film an event or footage for you to use later? Or do you have footage that you have Schedule Videopreviously shot that never seems to get edited into a short piece?

We can work with you to get the images you are looking for or even put together that elusive short piece you’ve been waiting until you have time to work on.

Sample Event Video…

Digital Filming Rates

  • Filming                    – Single Camera w/off camera audio         $95.00 p/hour       (minimum charge $475)
  • Travel                       – 45 mile radius from Healdsburg, CA      Included
  • Out of Area             – Mileage beyond 45 miles billed at         $ 1.45 p/ driven mile

Mileage rates valid up to 160 mile radius from Healdsburg, CA. Actual driving distance may be higher. Anything outside of this area will require a quote.


Editing / Post Production Rates

  • Post Production – Level A                                                       $75.00 p/hour         (minimum charge 2-hours)
    • Consists of video editing, color grading, sound sweetening, music, sound effects, and titling.
  • Post Production – Level B                                                       $45.00 p/hour         (minimum charge 1-hour)
    • Consists of rendering, video compression, web upload and burning to DVD.


How long will editing and post production take?

For example, a 2-3 minute event video with a single camera can require about 2-3 hours of filming.  To figure out post production time multiply the filming time by 2.5. So, for a 2 hour shoot, plan on approx 5-6 hours.


Schedule VideoScheduling, Payment & Delivery

A 50% non refundable deposit for the estimated project price is due when filming is booked. Final balance is due when project is completed.

Please note while we try and stay within the guidelines of our contract, extra hours could be necessary to complete
your project based on client requests. All extra hours are billed at regular hourly rates.

Social Media Marketing | Video Production | Event Videos | Marketing Videos | Music Videos | Rates