Vintners Resort Wedding {Jessica + Nicholas} Sonoma Wedding Video

Sonoma County Wedding

Jessica and Nicholas Wedding Video

Jessica and Nicholas gathered a few close family and friends to celebrate their wedding. The location was beautiful and the the afternoon and evening were perfect!

Join me in saying congratulations!

venue: Vintners Resort
planning: Denise Kramer
catering: John Ash & Company
photography: Marc Blondin Photography
florist: Corinne Markowski
videography: Kenneth Sipes Cinema
dj: NorCal Pro Sound

music licensing:

Garden Valley Ranch Wedding Video {Ryan + Christina} Sonoma Wedding Video

Sonoma County Wedding

Ryan and Christina Wedding Video

Ryan and Christina gathered a few close family and friends to celebrate their wedding. The location was filled with flowers on a beautiful afternoon.

Join me in saying congratulations!

venue: Garden Valley Ranch
planning: Jen Priest
catering: Gerard’s Paella
photography: Sharon Whitaker
florist: Puck’s Garden
videography: Kenneth Sipes Cinema
dj: AMS

music licensing:

Viansa Wedding Video {Hanwei + David} Sonoma Wedding Video

Sonoma County Wedding

David and Hanwei Wedding Video

David and Hanwei gatherd a few close family and friends to celebrate their wedding. After delays and re-scheduling the day happened, and it ended up being a beautiful and magical day.

Join me in saying congratulations!

venue: Viansa Winery
planning: Lura Albee – Extraordinary Weddings & Events
catering: Girl and the Fig
photography: Rebecca Gosselin Photography
videography: Kenneth Sipes Cinema

music licensing:

Mendocino Coast Elopement {Taylor + Tom} Wedding Video

Mendocino Coast Wedding

Taylor and Tom Elopement Weekend

After postponing once, Taylor and Tom choose to move their big wedding to 2021. But not wanting to wait to get married, they planned a quick elopement weekend on the Mendocino coast. So, not only did they have a very intimate wedding, but the weather was AMAZING. You couldn’t have scripted a better day.

Congratulations ~ Ken

A Family Affair


– venue: Mendocino Coast
– planning and more: Tan Weddings and Events
– photographer: Kate Anfinson Photography
– videographer: Kenneth Sipes Cinema
– music licensing:

Eastside Seasonal Farm Wedding {Chris + Carolyn} Wedding Video Collection

Sonoma County Farm Wedding —

Chris and Carolyn Coming Soon Wedding Teaser Video

Chris and Carolyn did it! They Got Married! Having met and dated in High School, and then like many high school couples they parted ways… Years later, Carolyn reached out to Chris on FB just to say hi!

Facebook messages turned into all night phone calls. Phone calls turned into an in person visit. That visit turned into a second chance that they both felt was there for them. And now, here we have their love story on film.

Join me in celebrating their love story that they got to share with family and friends on this beautiful day. ~ Ken

Chris and Carolyn Wedding Highlight Video


– venue – Eastside Seasonal Farm
– photographer – Norah Burrows Photography
– video – Kenneth Sipes Cinema
– dj – music – Planet Entertainment
– music licensing –

Ceremony Live Streaming

So, what about Live Streaming your wedding ceremony in a Covid 19 world?

– Maybe your wedding day celebration will be a little smaller than originally planed due to various State and local guidelines but you still want to have all of your important family and friends be able to participate with you during your ceremony.
– Or maybe, you’ll choose to postpone the big celebration, but still want to get married on your scheduled day and share your ceremony with all of your family and friends.
– Or yet another maybe, you’re just going to do a simple, midweek, small, elopement style wedding ceremony.

So, whatever YOU choose to do, I’m here to support you with your Live Streaming needs.

So what are the options?

There are several ways to Live Stream your wedding ceremony. Below are a few of the options we can provide you with.

DIY – For any booked wedding, I’m happy to provide a tripod and smartphone / tablet adapter at no charge. Requires a strong enough cell signal or a venue that has strong enough WiFi. Of course you’ll need a smartphone or tablet with Cellular / WiFi capabilities and Facebook or YouTube installed and previously tested for live broadcast.

Recommended placement would be with a family member in the front row. That way they can hold the device during entrance, and then attach to tripod in front of them set at a height of about 3 feet for the remainder of the ceremony. This way you have un-obstructed view and are close enough to pick up officiate and couple audio.

Dependable Basic Streaming – I can set up a single camera with the officiate on a wireless mic using a PRO level Live Stream system. If your venue has WiFi great, but it’s not required. This system uses up to 3 cellular modems on 3 different cellular networks / carriers. The signals are then all “Bonded” together so we have multiple connections to the internet at the same time providing a stable connection. This allows for ceremonies at the beach, vineyards, etc. Live Streams can be broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, or, we can host on a private web page on our website, or yours! Your live stream can also be saved for later viewing.

Streaming Goodness – I can set up a multi camera Pro Level Live Stream System. Starting with the single camera system described above, we can add additional cameras, additional audio, and then do switching between cameras during the ceremony. Your ceremony then becomes a true live event to be shared.

So How Much?

*For all new 2020 – 2021 scheduled wedding bookings:
– Our single camera / audio ceremony system can be added to our Highlight, Short Story or Feature Collections for just $300.
– A mid-week stand alone single camera ceremony system is just $600.
… $800 for Fri, Sat or Sun.
– If you need to postpone any 2020 – 2021 wedding, and booked the live stream option, we can still do your ceremony live stream on your original date.
– Interested in a multi (3) camera system? Pricing starts at $1,800.

* Dependent on Federal / State / Local restrictions.

So, in this unusual time, I hope these options can provide you with a sense of confidence regarding the ability to share your wedding with family and friends just in case changes must be made. ~ Ken