Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. 

What about Drone or Aerial footage?

We offer drone or aerial footage with our Signature or Destination Packages. Having a drone at your wedding will depend on a few things… proximity to an airport, venue regulations, and will the footage add something or make sense for your wedding. We follow all FAA regulations regarding drone use and will work with you to see if it makes sense. When a drone is not appropriate, we often bring a 27′ stationary camera mount that can also give the illusion of drone footage.

There is no additional fee with our Signature Packages.

I'm busy, why do we need to schedule a call?

When we receive any request, we respond with an email or a call to schedule a time for a call or coffee. So, on our request information page, we have you schedule a call, well, because we’re going to that anyway and let’s face it… why do 2 email exchanges when 1 will do?

Now, we are committed that your wedding film be amazing and honestly we need to know you for that to happen. While we’ve been hired by email and created a professional, memorable film…  an amazing film requires us working together from the very beginning. We don’t need much of your time, typically a 15 minute call is all we need to get to know each other and understand what’s important to you. We can then lay the groundwork for the best way to capture your day and provide you with the memories you will treasure.

After our conversation we will send you a custom quote based on what we both feel are the best options for you to consider. As you review the quote, you can select what you’re most interested in and we will then send you a contract for review as well as an invoice. All online and easily accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Creating a film for you is about teamwork, and that can only happen as we get to know each other.

How far do you travel? And will it cost us extra?

If a US Passport will get us there… we’re ready to go!

We operate “locally” out of Napa – Sonoma, the greater San Francisco Bay, and Santa Barbara-Central Coast area.  We don’t charge any travel fees in our “local” areas when booking a single day, Signature Series Film. For multi day destination films and when we do travel outside of our “local areas”, or anywhere in the world, we will build the travel into your custom quote based on our conversations. We don’t like surprises and we feel that you probably don’t either, So, when your wedding is complete, you won’t have to worry about any lingering bills… All you have to do is remember how amazing your wedding was!

NOTE: each country has specific rules about who can work there… if you’re interested in International destinations, please contact us for availability.

What about music? Do we get to choose music for our films?

Yes and no. You are hiring us to create a piece of “art” that represents your wedding day to the best of our ability. Sometimes your favorite songs really don’t match the mood or feeling of your day and to use them, would be a failure on our part. Now ultimately, your wedding day is about you and not us. So, we send out a questionnaire about a month before your wedding to answer some of our logistical questions as well as some questions about the two of you. Your favorite movies, songs, genre’s, and even the things you don’t like. We use this information to find songs that will represent not only your day, but your style and taste. 

How do we reserve our date?

Since we work in multiple regions, we get requests from all over the country and many of our couples want to have a film that not only captures their day, but the beautiful location they chose as well. After our conversation, we’ll send a quote for review. After reviewing, it’s as simple as selecting what you are interested in. We then send a contract and invoice online. If your event is more than 6 months away, the non-refundable retainer is $1,000. Sending this in online via Credit Card or mailing a check reserves the date. We typically only book one wedding per weekend, so, it’s first come first serve! 

We don't want to feel like we're surrounded by Paparazzi... How do you film the day?

Your wedding is about you and your guests. We are committed to basically being invisible during your day and do our best to let your day unfold naturally. We use long telephoto lenses for many of our shots, and of course we use smaller DSLR type cameras which don’t draw a lot of attention. During your ceremony is when we will use the most cameras… with different angles and areas covered with stationary cameras, we typically don’t move around a lot so as to not draw any attention from your guests, or you. Other than your ceremony, our focus is on walking around and looking for those special moments, those family members doing something funny, or maybe your Grandparents on the dance floor getting down. We never know what we’ll find and those real moments are what makes your film memorable. Of course you can always read our reviews online (Wedding Wire) to learn more about previous clients’ experiences with us being invisible.

We also don’t believe in doing those icky (technical term) interviews, where you stick a camera with a bright light into someone’s face and ask them to leave a thoughtful message. We do have an option for collecting thoughtful messages… we can set up a video guestbook!

Do you work well with photographers? Other vendors?

Your wedding is all about the two of you, your family and friends. Therefore, we make it a point to call your photographer the week before your wedding if we haven’t worked with them before. Not only that, but we also reach out to your DJ, Venue, and of course your Planner. This allows us to establish a “team effort” mentality with the professionals you’ve chosen for your day. The day of your wedding we again meet up and work out strategies so we can all function as a team, dedicated to you and your day.

Why is your longest Feature Film only 9-15 minutes long, when you will be at my wedding for 8 or more hours?

Over the last several years what we deliver has gone thru some dramatic changes. It used to be you often received a 2-3 hour film… usually filmed with a single camera, and it wasn’t all that exciting. Today, with multiple cameras and more advanced editing, we can create several separate films for you depending on what you want to watch 10-20 years from now.

1) Sneak Peek Film is typically about 3-5 minutes… or a little longer with a destination weekend package.
2) Highlight Film is typically about 5-7 minutes… or a little longer with a destination weekend package.
3) Feature Film that will vary in length from 9-15 minutes and is more detailed in the various moments of your day. 
4) Live Edit film of your day with your FULL Ceremony, Toasts, and First Dances. Is a popular option for many of our couples and can run 30-90 minutes depending on your day is structured.
5) Destination Celebration film is usually filmed over the 2 days preceding your actual wedding. Whether hot air ballooning, wine tasting, zip lining, kayaking or even golfing. We tag along and can capture everything from getting your license to your rehearsal dinner. Typical run time is 9-12 minutes. Moments from this film will be woven into your Feature film when booking a destination weekend package.

For your Feature film we combine all of the perfect moments of your wedding day, with your vows and parts of speeches into a fun, exciting film that will bring you back to those moments for years to come.

You always have the option of purchasing ALL the footage we come away with on a separate hard drive but the best analogy is this…

Your average Hollywood film spends 45 to 60 days filming and then another 6-12 months in post production for a 90 – 120 minute film. Imagine all of those 8-12 hour shooting days and you can see how much is left on the cutting room floor in the creation of an entertaining film. We do the same thing! Only we have 8-10 hours to make the magic happen. And there are no “Do Overs” at your wedding.

So, what about 4K?

While 4K is becoming the standard in televisions, many couples may not care for the additional resolution. When we film, we typically film in 4k, but editing and delivery are done in HD. For those couples wanting 4K, we have a minimal upgrade fee to assure that we film, edit and deliver in 4K.

Now a little bit about 4K vs other formats. Over the last 20 years we’ve gone from SD or Standard Definition with a screen resolution of 720 x 480 to HD or High Definition which had evolved from an initial 1280 x 720 to 1920 x 1080 resolution. Now we’ve been filming and viewing on HD for several years and the difference over SD or Standard definition is very noticeable. Over the last year, 4K recording which is 3840×2160 has become more accessible and 4K televisions have become affordable very quickly.

As 4K is not a standard in the wedding world, we leave the choice up to you, and have chosen to keep it affordable if you do want it.

Do we get all of the raw footage?

In addition to your finished “Sneak Peek”, “Highlight” or “Feature” films we also include our “Live Edit” film with is your full Ceremony and Toasts. While most of the major moments of your day are already edited, some couples love the idea that they have all of the audio and video we shot on the day.  So, we make everything is available on a external USB hard drive for an additional cost. Just ask!

When will we receive our wedding film?

Our Social Media 60 second and Sneak Peek films are generally on-line withing a week of your wedding. For Highlight, Feature and Destination films our normal delivery time is 2-3 months. 

Have a Different Question?

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