Wedding Films

The Starting Point

How do I create your wedding videos? After conversations with you to get to know the two of you, your histories and your story, we’ll develop a plan for your wedding day or weekend. While I’ve created more than 100 wedding films, yours is well, yours. I’ll have lots of ideas on where we can go, but I ask that you think of yourselves as “producers” and we work together. Why? 10, 20 even 30 years from now I want your wedding film to transport YOU back to your wedding day, and even more importantly provide a way to re-live YOUR love story.

Ultimately, I love the idea of a love story. The messy parts, the romantic parts, the practical moments, the surprises, and even the mundane. So, let’s talk about your love story.  About how we can use your wedding day as the focal point of uncovering and capturing the essence of your story in a way that both honors who you are, and provides a bridge for future generations to cherish.

To me, there’s no greater honor than providing that for you.

~ Ken

“Ken, I should have put you on FaceTime while I watched the wedding video, because then you could see the overwhelming joy on my face!  The video is PERFECT!!!  It captures the day, our emotions, the happiness, and fun of the day.  Great angles, great editing, everything!  I’m beyond happy with it all!” – Erin


YEP, now that vaccines are readily available and many areas are opening back up some people still may not be able to attend your wedding. I do have a simple ceremony streaming option that can be added to your collection / package so those dear to you can still attend your ceremony… virtually.

Click here for Wedding Ceremony Live Streaming.