“I love simple moments…

and I look forward to capturing the simple moments from your wedding that you will treasure for the rest of your life.”

Kenneth Sipes, Destination Wedding Videographer | http://www.natashamcguire.comA long time ago, I became fascinated with Hot Air Balloons… with the old world traditions, the freedom, the adventure and of course the simplicity… So, being a member of the “why not” society, I bought a balloon and named it “Capricorn”. There’s something wondrous about lifting those first few inches of the ground and not knowing where we’ll go, what we’ll see, or where we’ll land. Flying a balloon forces one to be present to the joy of living while sharing with new friends the experience of living life in the moment. 

Weddings are like that for me today… a timeless tradition, where we have a general idea of where we’re going… but we won’t know what the journey will be like, and of course, each wedding is unique so who know’s where we’ll land? I also treasure the friendships I’ve made with the couples I’ve filmed. It’s such a privilege to help them plan and then get to spend their special day with them. So, I look forward to participating and documenting your journey not just for you, but for generations to follow.” ~ Ken

If you really want more details…

sunrise balloon flight destination wedding Napa Valley, Destination Wedding Videographer and Balloon PilotSo… like many kids what I wanted to do or be growing up got interrupted by “reality”.

I had two passions as a child, music and photography/film. I would sit next to the radio with my cassette recorder and record my favorite songs to create my own tapes… often with a little bit of DJ on every song. My love of music (Not that uncommon as how many kids don’t like music?) transformed into learning to play the guitar. That in turn led to playing in basements and garages in various “bands” which led to playing local events and schools. After High School, when it was time to “grow up” I had a choice… start a studio engineer / producer program at a local Grammy winning studio, or go to school to fix and fly airplanes… So, off I went to learn about airplanes… the “sensible” choice.

While working in Wichita, building airplanes, a co-worker had a hot air balloon. Say What!?!? Who does that?

Beautiful back lit bride and groomUntil that moment, hot air balloons only existed in the “Wizard of Oz”.

I loved the idea of being present in the moment as when you take off, you really have no idea where you will land… there’s something honest about a basket, a big colorful bag and a flame-thrower (The male DNA speaking…) While the idea was always floating in the back of my mind, It took another several years before I took the plunge and bought my own Hot Air Balloon. What’s funny is that this was also my first success in creating a business. While enjoying that success, something happened… and POOF! A RECESSION! So, I found myself working a full time technology job, driving 35,000 miles a year and spending only 100 nights a year at home. Not exactly a passion project.

Along the way I’ve had several encounters with doing something creative… A regional radio show, an adventure travel company, book publishing, and more.

So, how did film-making happen?  I’ve always been interested in “film” as well as movies. Took film courses in High School, bought my first 35mm film camera when I was 15. Years later, I began integrating video into a podcast about people that were doing amazing things with their lives. While this was engaging and fun, I was looking for something more… One day I went down a rabbit hole we all know as Google. Somehow, I stumbled on a wedding video. That moment changed my life.

Couple after the wedding - destination wedding videographerYou mean I get to combine all of my experiences and passions into one thing? And, most importantly, get to make a difference in people’s lives? I’m Hooked!

Since November, 2013 I’ve had the privilege of filming weddings for some amazing couples. Knowing that when they sit down in 5, 10, or 20 years they get to travel back in time and re-live those special moments.

So, I guess that kid who wanted to be someone creative when he grew up, finally made it. Why do I share this with you? I guess it’s just my way of sharing my story, commitment, and determination to create something special for you to always treasure.

Have the amazing life you’ve always dreamed of!

– Ken