Wedding Video Options

Here are a few of our Wedding Video options with samples.

Ceremony and Toast/Speeches Films

The wedding ceremony is the most common addition. Because your ceremony is the most important part of your day, and there are no do overs… I’ll typically film with 3-5 cameras and multiple off camera audio systems. This creates an engaging film that captures the emotion and special moments of your ceremony.

Typical Run Time… based on actual ceremony and toast/speech length.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Your wedding rehearsal dinner is where family and friends who are not scheduled to speak on your wedding day have an opportunity to say a few words that you’ll treasure forever. Unlike your wedding day where we capture speeches, these moments are often not recorded. Being there allows us to make sure the memories last long beyond the dinner. Also, a trend I’ve noticed is that speeches are ONLY held at the rehearsal dinners.

Rehearsal Dinner moments may be added to your Highlight / Short Story / Feature Films. Speeches – Toasts are added to your Toast / Speeches film.

Video GuestBook

Remember the old days when some guy would stick a camera and bright light in your face as you left the dance floor? Leaving you speechless as he asked you to leave a message for the happy couple? No more… How about a video guestbook? We’ll set up a camera, microphone, lights if necessary, and of course a chalkboard with ideas to provide inspiration! 

Standard set up… 60-90 minutes.  | Edited to a stand alone film.

Destination Short Story or Feature Wedding Video

Are you planning a multi-day destination wedding? Will you be celebrating with close family and friends? If yes, we can shadow you while capturing the fun and amazing moments. Over these few days as we get to know each other, a special relationship typically evolves allowing me to truly capture your family and friends in an honest and memorable way.

Feature Films require either a full 2 day or partial 3 day wedding and run time is approx 09-12 minutes.