Ceremony Live Streaming

So, what about Live Streaming your wedding ceremony in a Covid 19 world?

– Maybe your wedding day celebration will be a little smaller than originally planed due to various State and local guidelines but you still want to have all of your important family and friends be able to participate with you during your ceremony.
– Or maybe, you’ll choose to postpone the big celebration, but still want to get married on your scheduled day and share your ceremony with all of your family and friends.
– Or yet another maybe, you’re just going to do a simple, midweek, small, elopement style wedding ceremony.

So, whatever YOU choose to do, I’m here to support you with your Live Streaming needs.

So what are the options?

There are several ways to Live Stream your wedding ceremony. Below are a few of the options we can provide you with.

DIY – For any booked wedding, I’m happy to provide a tripod and smartphone / tablet adapter at no charge. Requires a strong enough cell signal or a venue that has strong enough WiFi. Of course you’ll need a smartphone or tablet with Cellular / WiFi capabilities and Facebook or YouTube installed and previously tested for live broadcast.

Recommended placement would be with a family member in the front row. That way they can hold the device during entrance, and then attach to tripod in front of them set at a height of about 3 feet for the remainder of the ceremony. This way you have un-obstructed view and are close enough to pick up officiate and couple audio.

Dependable Basic Streaming – I can set up a single camera with the officiate on a wireless mic using a PRO level Live Stream system. If your venue has WiFi great, but it’s not required. This system uses up to 3 cellular modems on 3 different cellular networks / carriers. The signals are then all “Bonded” together so we have multiple connections to the internet at the same time providing a stable connection. This allows for ceremonies at the beach, vineyards, etc. Live Streams can be broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, or, we can host on a private web page on our website, or yours! Your live stream can also be saved for later viewing.

Streaming Goodness – I can set up a multi camera Pro Level Live Stream System. Starting with the single camera system described above, we can add additional cameras, additional audio, and then do switching between cameras during the ceremony. Your ceremony then becomes a true live event to be shared.

So How Much?

*For all new 2020 – 2021 scheduled wedding bookings:
– Our single camera / audio ceremony system can be added to our Highlight, Short Story or Feature Collections for just $300.
– A mid-week stand alone single camera ceremony system is just $600.
… $800 for Fri, Sat or Sun.
– If you need to postpone any 2020 – 2021 wedding, and booked the live stream option, we can still do your ceremony live stream on your original date.
– Interested in a multi (3) camera system? Pricing starts at $1,800.

* Dependent on Federal / State / Local restrictions.

So, in this unusual time, I hope these options can provide you with a sense of confidence regarding the ability to share your wedding with family and friends just in case changes must be made. ~ Ken

Wedding Video Guestbook

We all love it when the people close to us share stories from our past, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes sweet. These are the stories that remind us of who we are, and where we’ve come from.

Family gatherings are where these stories often get told. But with the full celebratory nature of a Wedding, it seems the best stories are told. When you have a wide range of family and friends in attendance, the stories just seem to flow.

Now, if there was an easy, and unobtrusive way to capture these moments… While growing up and attending weddings, it was always like a bad game waiting for the videographer to sneak up on you like a pouncing lion with the dreaded bright light and microphone in your face. While blinded by the light I would hear… “Would you like to leave a message for the couple? ” Actually yes, but at that moment it was like being a deer, frozen in place, staring at the bright light. Not knowing what to say. So while I would have like to have said something special, funny, or sweet, it was usually more of a grunting hello and “Congratulations!” Maybe this is why so many people have a fear of speaking in public.

Fast Forward…. Now that I film weddings with amazing couples for a living. I understand the desire for the comments from your guests. However… having been traumatized in my youth, I just don’t do the roving camera in your face thing. What I’ve come up with instead is a “video guestbook” option.  Simple name, and a pretty simple and non invasive process.

[vimeo id=”226414348″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

We start with finding a great spot where the background has some interest… gardens, sunset, dance floor, etc. Once we have finalized the location, I set up a camera on a tripod, a light (sometimes 2) a wireless microphone and probably the most important piece, a permanent chalk board with ideas on what to say to the couple.

Now here’s the cool part, once we have everything set up, we leave the area. We may stop by every 5-8 minutes checking on things, but your quests aren’t being watched by some person with a camera that they really don’t know. Again, our goal here is a fun and easy experience.

Normally we film for about 90 minutes during the reception. When your guests are ready, they make their way over and leave you some personal and authentic thoughts and/or messages.

After your wedding, when we deliver your films, there is a seperate wedding “video guestbook” video with your family and friends telling stories, laughing, crying and simply being themselves for you to enjoy for many, many, many years…

Want to know more…

Have an amazing wedding! – Ken

Destination Wedding Videos

It’s funny, when someone asked me about destination wedding videos, I used to think about Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, etc. But living and working in the Napa – Sonoma Valley Wine regions, I find that often means Napa or Sonoma for a lot of couples.

Often, a destination wedding consists of a core group of family and friends, maybe 40 – 60 people. Traveling somewhere for not only the wedding but for a sort of vacation. You have the opportunity to indulge in local attractions, customs, music, and sometimes the the location itself.

As I’ve done several “local” destination weddings, here are a few ideas for the Napa – Sonoma area.

⦁ The obvious, wine tasting.
⦁ Probably not so obvious, beer tasting. or maybe a distillery tour.
⦁ The not, not so obvious a culinary tour.
⦁ Maybe a leisurely Wine Train adventure thru the Napa Valley.
⦁ Possibly, golfing, kayaking and zip-lining.
⦁ And finally, why not go for it with a once in a lifetime event like Hot Air Ballooning over the vineyards at sunrise.

Hot air balloon during Napa valley Destination wedding.
Reflection of a Hot Air Balloon on a pond at sunrise.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re in to, the point is that there are lots of really great options for you and your guests. Having us capture those experiences with your family and friends brings another dimension to your destination wedding video.

Bonus: When we have the opportunity to “hang out” for a few days, something interesting happens. I get to know more about you, your history, and your guests. We have the opportunity to capture some really fun footage, and sometimes come up with something very personal to you.

[vimeo id=”229956410″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Example Destination Wedding Moment

During a Lake Tahoe destination wedding, I was sitting with the bride looking out over the lake and she asked, “What about a cake reveal?” Having never heard of such a thing, my response was “Tell me more”.

As it happens, the person baking their cake is a highly regarded baker, and she was surprising them with their cake. Since we had the run of the resort, we coordinated with the baker to arrive before rehearsal. I would meet up with them, and we’d set up the cake in a walk in cooler.

So, the groom brought two ties down to the rehearsal to use as blindfolds. Once they were blindfolded, they entered the cooler, arms and hands outstretched. As the blindfold – ties came off, their expressions when seeing their cake were priceless!

While this may not be something that you would do, a casual conversation may lead to something neither one of us thought about until that moment. This is sometimes how a magical moment that is uniquely you unveils itself!

Destination wedding cake reveal after rehearsal.
So this… is a cake reveal!

Random Thought:

Remember, a destination wedding doesn’t always mean flying somewhere. Maybe it’s your favorite vacation spot an hour or two away. Maybe it’s where you spent your first vacation together. Once you leave the routine of daily life, you create a magical escape. In the future, when you travel back in time with your videos, it’s like vacationing on your sofa.

So, are you going somewhere special and/or exciting for your wedding? Let’s Chat!

Have an amazing wedding! – Ken

Rehearsal dinner video

Why do couples have us create rehearsal dinner films?

So, why is creating a rehearsal dinner video important? Well, let’s start by looking at why rehearsal dinners even happen. Wedding historian Susan Waggoner writes, “Hundreds of years ago, attending a wedding could mean days of travel.” Hopefully all of your guests only have a flight or two, but even a full day of traveling is not exactly blissful. Waggoner continues, “The night before the event would find the tent, hut, castle, or manor house jammed to the rafters with friends, relatives, and emissaries, all of whom had to be fed.” I recently attended a wedding in Hawaii, and the night before we had 17 people crowded into a 5 bedroom beach house rented on Airbnb. While it was cozy, there was a lot of stretching out the next day.

Today, many couples do have a rehearsal dinner after the ceremony rehearsal. Dinners are typically attended by the wedding party, their dates and their immediate families. Also, for some couples planning a destination wedding, it also doubles as a welcome dinner. While the themes can range from a backyard catered BBQ to a Michelen Star restaurant formal dinner, at some point family and friends (parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, grandparents, and friends) will probably get up and share a story or just congratulate the couple. Now, many of these people will not be speaking during the reception, so this is their opportunity to share with you their congratulatory wishes.

With this more intimate setting, the stories often get a little more “authentic”. As these stories are being told, there may be someone with a smartphone trying to record, but the results are sometimes not all that great. Also, they may be hard to actually get from that person.

So, what happens when we capture your rehearsal dinner?

First the selfish part (I’m not kidding here). When filming a rehearsal dinner video, I get the opportunity to meet the important people are in your lives. This provides me with a little foreknowledge for your actual wedding day. So when I see something out of the corner of my eye, I have a better chance of capturing something magical for you.

Second, I’ll be there with 2-3 cameras set up to capture these amazing words when they happen. Not only with cameras, but professional off camera audio options.

Third, We even can bring our own professional PA with wireless mics to use. Plus, for the before and after, you can set up a playlist for background music.

[vimeo id=”226411679″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

So what’s the takeaway? Besides not actually filming your wedding, many couples regret not filming a rehearsal dinner. They really wish they had these special moments on film.

Want to know more?

Trend Alert: Since many of the weddings I film are at wineries or locations where there is often a curfew. I’ve noticed a growing trend to move the traditional speeches and toasts from the reception to the rehearsal dinner. The only speech or comments on the wedding day, are usually after the couples entrance, thanking everyone for coming.

Have an amazing wedding! – Ken