Planning a Virtual or Zoom Funeral or Memorial Service

Oh how times have changed. With our current restrictions in place, even things like funerals and memorial services have been impacted. With many areas restricted to only a few people or immediate family, the celebration of life that is shared with the whole community is harder to do. Recently we’ve seen an increase in people… Continue reading Planning a Virtual or Zoom Funeral or Memorial Service

Wedding Video Guestbook

We all love it when the people close to us share stories from our past, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes sweet. These are the stories that remind us of who we are, and where we’ve come from. Family gatherings are where these stories often get told. But with the full celebratory nature of a… Continue reading Wedding Video Guestbook

Destination Wedding Videos

It’s funny, when someone asked me about destination wedding videos, I used to think about Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, etc. But living and working in the Napa – Sonoma Valley Wine regions, I find that often means Napa or Sonoma for a lot of couples. Often, a destination wedding consists of a core group… Continue reading Destination Wedding Videos

Rehearsal dinner video

Why do couples have us create rehearsal dinner films? So, why is creating a rehearsal dinner video important? Well, let’s start by looking at why rehearsal dinners even happen. Wedding historian Susan Waggoner writes, “Hundreds of years ago, attending a wedding could mean days of travel.” Hopefully all of your guests only have a flight… Continue reading Rehearsal dinner video