Event Live Streaming – Zoom Weddings and Funerals

In a world where Covid guidelines are causing pause when it comes to large weddings and events, I’m starting to see a new “normal”. So now, for many weddings, large events, or funerals, a virtual, or on line option like Zoom is sometimes the best option.

Over the last few months it seems like we have a new vocabulary for weddings and funerals / memorials to describe how we can share your event with those who can’t be there in person:
– Web or On-Line Weddings or Funerals
– Virtual Weddings or Funerals
– Live Streaming Weddings or Funerals
– and the most popular… Zoom Weddings and Funerals.

While we do provide Wedding Ceremony Live Streaming Options, we also provide streaming and short films / video for companies, non profits, and personal life events… Education and training’s, remote team building, keynotes, and end of life memorials are just a few examples.
While the following options are designed around weddings, just reach out and we can chat about any specific needs you may have.

~ Ken

Event Live Streaming Options can be “Stand Alone” or “Added” to Wedding Film Packages

Single Camera, Ceremony Live Stream – Just like it says, 1 camera and 1 wireless mic usually on the officiate or stand to share your wedding ceremony. I can stream to YouTube, Facebook, or even a Private page on our web site. Oh, and of course the video is saved to share and play.

Multiple Camera, Ceremony Live Stream – Just like it says, up to 3 camera and 3-5 audio sources… usually on the officiate, groom, bride, sound system, live musicians, etc. I can stream to YouTube, Facebook, or even a Private page on our web site. Oh, and of course the video is saved to share and play.

Being There Zoom Experience Station – Want to interact and share your day with those that can’t be there? We’ll set up a large monitor, a 4K mirror-less camera, and an overhead mic with speaker system to connect you with your Family and Friends on a Zoom style call.

Bride and Groom interacting with family and friends with our wedding being there zoom experience.
Being There Zoom Experience following Wedding Ceremony.

Fully Edited multiple Camera / Audio Ceremony Film – We can also add additional cameras and audio sources when filming your ceremony. Back in the studio, we can add color correction to the video clips, combine different camera angles and perform audio correction and mixing of all of the various audio sources. Officiate, groom, bride, sound board for music or if you have live musicians, we get a clean recording of them. This film is usually available within 72 hours of the ceremony.

Setting up a socially distanced, small wedding with 3 camera ceremony filming, being there wedding zoom experience and single camera live streaming.
Setting up 3 camera Ceremony Filming, Single Camera Live Streaming, + Being There Zoom Experience”

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Special Multiple Camera LIVE EVENT Wedding Film

Here we create a full event broadcast based on how much of your day you would like to share. We can start with a first look, then on to ceremony, cocktails, your grand entrance, speeches, first dances, etc. We’ll have 2 camera operators and one producer filming and broadcasting (streaming) live. You can also provide us with home movies (videos) digital images (slide shows) and even video interviews that we can stream in between various sections of your day. Your Family and Friends, while not physically there with you, will be able to share in the complete experience of your wedding day. The event is also recorded and digitally delivered to you.

Ready for a conversation to see how a “Being There” live stream can ad to your celebration?

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Thanks, and looking forward to hearing about your plans.

– Ken