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We all love it when the people close to us share stories from our past, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, and sometimes sweet. These are the stories that remind us of who we are, and where we’ve come from.

Family gatherings are where these stories often get told. But with the full celebratory nature of a Wedding, it seems the best stories are told. When you have a wide range of family and friends in attendance, the stories just seem to flow.

Now, if there was an easy, and unobtrusive way to capture these moments… While growing up and attending weddings, it was always like a bad game waiting for the videographer to sneak up on you like a pouncing lion with the dreaded bright light and microphone in your face. While blinded by the light I would hear… “Would you like to leave a message for the couple? ” Actually yes, but at that moment it was like being a deer, frozen in place, staring at the bright light. Not knowing what to say. So while I would have like to have said something special, funny, or sweet, it was usually more of a grunting hello and “Congratulations!” Maybe this is why so many people have a fear of speaking in public.

Fast Forward…. Now that I film weddings with amazing couples for a living. I understand the desire for the comments from your guests. However… having been traumatized in my youth, I just don’t do the roving camera in your face thing. What I’ve come up with instead is a “video guestbook” option.  Simple name, and a pretty simple and non invasive process.

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We start with finding a great spot where the background has some interest… gardens, sunset, dance floor, etc. Once we have finalized the location, I set up a camera on a tripod, a light (sometimes 2) a wireless microphone and probably the most important piece, a permanent chalk board with ideas on what to say to the couple.

Now here’s the cool part, once we have everything set up, we leave the area. We may stop by every 5-8 minutes checking on things, but your quests aren’t being watched by some person with a camera that they really don’t know. Again, our goal here is a fun and easy experience.

Normally we film for about 90 minutes during the reception. When your guests are ready, they make their way over and leave you some personal and authentic thoughts and/or messages.

After your wedding, when we deliver your films, there is a seperate wedding “video guestbook” video with your family and friends telling stories, laughing, crying and simply being themselves for you to enjoy for many, many, many years…

Want to know more…

Have an amazing wedding! – Ken

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