Blue Venado Beach {Aaliyah + Morgan} Cancun Wedding Video

Destination Wedding Highlight Video

Cancun beach destination wedding

Cancun was the perfect place for Morgan and Aaliyah to celebrate with family and friends the beginning of their married life together.

Golfing, sailing, snorkeling, hanging out at the beach and pool, and of course a stunning beach wedding!

~ Ken

Aaliyah and Morgan Highlight Video


Planning: Aaliyah and Amanda:
Blue Venado – Beach Wedding:
Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa:

DJ: David Craven with RunAway DJ:

Music Licensing: SongFreedom

Aaliyah + Morgan Wedding Trailer Video

Private Sonoma Estate Wedding {Grey + Debbie} Highlight Video

Sonoma County Private Estate Wedding Video —

Sonoma County estate wedding ceremony diy

Grey and Debbie… it all started with two strangers getting in a car together and going to a country concert. Of course these two strangers fell in love and here we are today.

Family and Friends gathered on their Sonoma County property to celebrate the happy day. The rain stopped. The sun came out. It was a magical day!

– Enjoy

Grey and Debbie Highlight video

[vimeo id=”383815474″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Venue – Private Estate

Music Licensing thru SongFreedom

Russian River Vineyards {Tommy + Ashley} Wine Country Wedding Video

Russian River Winery, Wine Country Wedding Video —

Sunset wedding video russian river vineyards sonoma

So, not even a Wine Country wildfire can keep Tommy and Ashley from getting married on this special weekend! With the original venue evacuated, the entire family and wedding team were able to re-locate to the beautiful Russian River Vineyards. Family and friends made the day special and the party wet late into the evening.

Here is their Highlight Wedding film… Enjoy!

Tommy and Ashley Wedding Highlight Video

[vimeo id=”382532511″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Venue – Russian River Vineyards
Venue Management – Milestone Events Group
Catering – Girl and the Fig
Photographer – Tim Halberg
Videographer – Kenneth Sipes Cinema
Officiate – Blane Ellsworth
DJ – AMS Entertainment
Floral – Vanda Floral
Music Licensing – SongFreedom
Cake – Costeaux
Rentals – Encore Event Rentals

Tommy and Ashley Sneak Peek Wedding Video

[vimeo id=”381383249″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Sbragia Winery Wedding {Richard + Louise} Destination Video

Healdsburg / Geyserville Sbragia Destination Wedding Video —

Sbragia winery wedding video

Sometimes we travel the world and find love. Louise and Richard brought their families from the East Coast and Europe to Sbragia Winery, just outside of Healdsburg for a romantic destination wedding.

With the harvest in full swing, the day was beautiful and of course Louise was absolutely stunning!

With their passion for travel and marathons, bringing everyone to Sonoma County was just what they would do.

It was a fun and intimate afternoon and evening.

Congratulations to this amazing couple! Enjoy!

Richard and Louise Wedding Highlight Film

[vimeo id=”380557343″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Venue: Sbragia Winery
Venue Management: Milestone Events Group
Catering: Girl & the Fig
Photographer: Gina Petersen
Video: Kenneth SIpes Cinema
DJ: DJ Alex, AMS
Officiate: Stevi Hanson
Music Licensing:
MusicBed –
TripleScoopMusic: –

Bride and Groom in the Vineyard at sunset sbragia winery vineyards

Trentadue Destination Wedding {Rahul + Stephanie} Video

Trentadue Destination Wedding, Bride and Groom in the Redwoods

Healdsburg / Geyserville Trentadue Destination Wedding Video —

A memorable Trentadue Destination Wedding in Healdsburg and Geyserville. Rahul and Stephanie began their married life together. Surrounded by family and friends they began with an amazing rehearsal dinner and welcome party at Spoonbar in the H2 Hotel .

The next day began with everyone getting ready and then heading over to Trentadue Winery in Geyserville. It was a beautiful afternoon and the ceremony was really special. When we went out for sunset photos with the photographer, Rahul and Stephanie read to each other personal love notes. To say it was something really special would be an understatement. By the time they finished both Suzanne (photographer) and I were leaking like a 100 year old rowboat. It’s always special when we can capture these moments on film…

So, back to the party for a special first dance followed by an evening of energetic dancing! What a night and an amazing way to begin a marriage!

Rahul + Stephanie – Trentadue Destination Wedding Video

[vimeo id=”376145107″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Venue: Trentadue Winery / Milestone Events Group
Planner: Quintanna Events, Heather
Photography: Suzanne Karp Photography
Videography: Kenneth Sipes Cinema
Music Licensing: SongFreedom

Trentadue Destination Wedding, Private Vows in the Vineyard at sunset.

Napa Destination Wedding {Dave + Lauren} Elopement Video

Napa Valley Destination Video —

So… take one couple, six family members, three days, and the beautiful Napa Valley and you have Dave and Lauren’s Destination Elopement weekend! Here is a special film documenting both their story and their weekend. Not really a traditional wedding film, but more of a hybrid documentary and wedding film. I absolutely love hanging out with couple over a few days as special moments show themselves.

Dave and Lauren Wedding Highlight Video

[vimeo id=”367357075″ maxwidth=”700″ align=”center”]

Venue: Napa Valley
Planner: Intimate Weddings Napa Valley, Sonja
Photography: T.J. Salsmen
Videography: Kenneth Sipes Cinema
Floral: EV Floral Design
Music Licensing: SongFreedom