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Once upon a time…

Fascinating how life brings us back to what’s important… I first visited Napa Valley with a local ski club (yes we did things other than skiing) in 1983 for a wine tasting trip and hot air balloon ride. The balloon ride was great, early in the morning, 2 balloons flying together, great pictures & memories but it was the first time I experienced the magic of a basket, a bag, and a flame. No high tech navigation, or schedule, just following the air currents of the morning.  Now something else happened on that trip. You see, at that point my pallet was pretty basic and the art of fine wine still alluded me. After visiting a few wineries, we ended up in the reserve room at BV. You know how we all have those moments in life when the light bulb goes off and we finally get it? I’ll never forget that taste of B.V. Reserve Cab and how my appreciation of the art of wine began that day.

Balloon in Las Vegas Race
Flying “Capricorn” in Las Vegas

Fast forward a few years and I’m launching my own hot air balloon from local Santa Ynez Valley wineries with the after flight Champagne brunch overlooking the vineyards. Another dozen years after that I’m managing a winery and moving to Healdsburg to build and open a new winery.  Now there were the various corporate detours along the way but I kept coming back to a world where creativity, art, and traditions were important.

Today I seek out those people who are following a dream, a passion, and are committed to live their life with purpose. Small craft brewers, distillers and winemakers plus the people who are part of the lifestyle: culinary experts, organic farmers,  gourmet food artisans, innkeepers, and many others who are following their dreams.

So, Media59 is really about the experience of being creative while telling stories and assisting people in sharing their vision and commitments with video.

I hope to see you out there!

– Cheers!


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