12) When and How will we receive our wedding film?

Your finished collection of films is typically delivered within 3-4 months. Delivery is done thru an online streaming service. You can share and download directly from the service and make as many copies for family and friends as you would like. We also STRONGLY recommend downloading and saving to either your own “cloud” account or hard drives as the streaming service will expire after 3 years.

11) Do we get all of the raw footage?

We do not include the RAW footage in any package. We do have 2 options for you.

ONE – All of the RAW video footage on a USB Hard Drive as taken from the camera, and file structure is organized by camera name.

TWO – A RAW Doc Edit of your day where we take all of your “usable” video footage and drop into a sequential time line of your day. We then drop in at the appropriate places, any edited films you ordered like ceremony, toasts, rehearsal dinner, video guestbook, etc. This film is delivered digitally, on line.

10) So, what about 4K?

While we do film all of our weddings in 4K, we currently down sample and deliver our films in HD.

Over the last few years, technology is allowing us to film in greater detail, but most couples really haven’t requested 4k delivery. Sometimes the detail is a little much and HD is still the preferred delivery resolution.

So, since 4K is not yet a standard in the wedding film world, we leave the choice up to you. If 4k is something you really want, we have that option available for you. Just ask! 

09) Do you work well with photographers? Other vendors?

Your wedding is all about the two of you, your family and friends. Therefore, we make it a point to call your photographer the week before your wedding if we haven’t worked with them before. Not only that, but we also reach out to your DJ, Venue, and of course your Planner. This allows us to establish a “team effort” mentality with the professionals you’ve chosen for your day. The day of your wedding we again meet up and work out strategies so we can all function as a team, dedicated to you and your day. 

As many couples have asked, we also can provide a photographer for you. If this is something you may be interested in, just let us know.

08) We don’t want to feel like we’re surrounded by Paparazzi… How do you film the day?

Your wedding is about you and your guests. We are committed to basically being invisible during your day and do our best to let your day unfold naturally. We use long telephoto lenses for many of our shots, and of course we use smaller DSLR type cameras which don’t draw a lot of attention. During your ceremony is when we will use the most cameras… with different angles and areas covered with stationary cameras, we typically don’t move around a lot so as to not draw any attention from your guests, or you. Other than your ceremony, our focus is on walking around and looking for those special moments, those family members doing something funny, or maybe your Grandparents on the dance floor getting down. We never know what we’ll find and those real moments are what makes your film memorable. Of course you can always read our reviews online (Wedding Wire) to learn more about previous clients’ experiences with us being invisible.

We also don’t believe in doing those icky (technical term) interviews, where you stick a camera with a bright light into someone’s face and ask them to leave a thoughtful message. We do have an option for collecting thoughtful messages… we can set up a video guestbook!

07) How do we reserve our date?

We get requests from all over the country and many of our couples want to have a film that not only captures their day, but the beautiful location they chose as well. After our consultation, we’ll send you a quote for review. After reviewing, it’s as simple as selecting a package and any options you are interested in. We’ll then send you a contract and invoice online. If your event is more than 6 months away, the non-refundable retainer is 40%. If you are booking within 6 months of your wedding date, your retainer would be 50% of total invoice. Receipt of your signed contract and your retainer reserves your date. Payments can be made online with either a credit card or electronic check. We typically only book about 12 weddings per year, so, it’s first come first serve!