08) We don’t want to feel like we’re surrounded by Paparazzi… How do you film the day?

Your wedding is about you and your guests. We are committed to basically being invisible during your day and do our best to let your day unfold naturally. We use long telephoto lenses for many of our shots, and of course we use smaller DSLR type cameras which don’t draw a lot of attention. During your ceremony is when we will use the most cameras… with different angles and areas covered with stationary cameras, we typically don’t move around a lot so as to not draw any attention from your guests, or you. Other than your ceremony, our focus is on walking around and looking for those special moments, those family members doing something funny, or maybe your Grandparents on the dance floor getting down. We never know what we’ll find and those real moments are what makes your film memorable. Of course you can always read our reviews online (Wedding Wire) to learn more about previous clients’ experiences with us being invisible.

We also don’t believe in doing those icky (technical term) interviews, where you stick a camera with a bright light into someone’s face and ask them to leave a thoughtful message. We do have an option for collecting thoughtful messages… we can set up a video guestbook!

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