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Every wedding is unique. Yes, I know most weddings generally follow a traditional or cultural format, but, it’s how you choose to express your love and commitment to each other that’s uniquely you. That’s the wedding film I want to create for you, a film that honors your vision.

CAMERAS: I believe in using multiple cameras (up to six for your ceremony) placed out of the way with long (telephoto) lenses. I am often asked “Why so many cameras?” Here are just a few reasons…

  • – Your wedding only happens once, there are no do overs.
  • – Films with multiple angles or viewpoints are way more engaging.
  • – I really want everyone’s eyes on the two of you, not some guy running around with a camera.

AUDIO: Capturing the officiate, your vows, special readings and even any live music is important which is why I typically use 3-5 off camera audio systems.

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The Films We Create…


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Highlight / Trailer Film

3-5 minute snapshot of your day with this trailer style film.


Hybrid / Teaser Film

2-4 minute film with stills and short video clips from the day in a music video format. Great for social media sharing. Also, often used to compile family and couple photos into a short “Love Story” film to share at reception or rehearsal dinner.
Montage Film Samples >>

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Highlight Film

Our most popular… Looking for a way to provide your family & friends a quick “taste” of your wedding day? This film is about 6-12 minutes long and captures the experience of your day in a short film format.
Highlight / Feature Samples >>

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Feature Film

Our stylized, cinematic wedding film. Usually about 15-25 minutes. This film combines many of the special moments that happen during your wedding in a fun, and insightful format. It’s short enough to share online, but long enough to have the experience of your day that you will want to watch over and over.
Highlight / Feature Samples >>

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Ceremony | Speeches | 1st Dance

Each of our packages include your complete ceremony (whether a 20 minute vineyard or a 60+ minute church ceremony)  filmed with multiple HD cameras plus your speeches and 1st Dance.
Ceremony Film Samples >>

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