Inside Brewing

So how is beer made?

While there are many steps and nuances in the crafting of beer there are still the basic steps of:

  • Choose a Type or Style: Pilsner, Porter, Pale Ale, Lager, etc.
  • Ingredients: Malt Extract, Hops, Yeast, Water, and Sugar.
  • The Wort: Creating, Heating and Cooling.
  • Fermentation: Where the Wort is converted into beer.
  • Priming and Bottling: The process of adding sugar to the beer before bottling (remaining yeast converts sugar to Carbon Dioxide) creating the carbonation.

While the above is a basic overview. There are many books and classes available about the making and enjoying of beer, we have even listed some of our favorites in our Bookstore.

But, sometimes reading about something is not quite enough. We will be asking the various brewers we meet to share with us the various processes they use in their breweries. These short videos will be available here and on YouTube as they are produced.

Sit back, pop a cold one and enjoy.


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