Regret-Me-Knot Videos

Kevin + Kayla DVD CoverFor various reasons, hiring a professional videographer / film-maker to document your wedding day is not an option. So, if you still want the special memories of your day on film, we offer a simple way to create your own personal “time machine” to revisit and share your wedding day for years and generations to follow.


Your film will be professionally edited in the style of our regular films, the only difference is that we’ll be using the video shot by your friends and family on their phones, tablets and even traditional cameras. Over the years, I can honestly say I’ve only been to 2 weddings (elopements) where someone wasn’t filming the ceremony, 1st dance, speeches, etc.


Now while we recommend getting everything and everyone organized before your wedding, which creates the best possible results, sometimes the reality is that your wedding was maybe last week or last month. What then? Well, like it says above… No Regrets… So if your wedding was like most weddings, you probably had friends and family with their devices filming so we can can still create a memorable film using their footage.


Alex + Leticia Disc Cover ImageSo how much?

For a limited time, our Regret-Me-Knot videos start at just $299. This includes up to a 5 minute highlight film, and if footage is available, your complete ceremony and toasts.


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