01) How does “Coverage“ (filming time) work?

While we will discuss YOUR specific wedding ideas and schedule during our consultation. Until then, here is how we typically approach your wedding day…

  • Coverage for our Wedding Moments Film is up to 5 hours. Time begins 45 minutes before ceremony start and runs continuous for up to 5 hours with a single videographer.
  • Full wedding day coverage typically starts 60 minutes before brides hair and make-up are scheduled to be complete and ends up to 8 hours later.
  • Normally up to 8 hours will provide enough coverage into your reception to capture the important moments. If for some reason we do need to go over, we will discuss those options with you before the wedding day so we don’t have to interrupt the flow.
  • Coverage or filming time on your wedding day is uninterrupted and will run continuous. Flex coverage for multi-day weddings which may happen the day before or after your wedding day is based on schedule of events with 3 hr/min per event.
  • Depending on venue and location, b-roll, aerial or time-lapse filming may start earlier in the day at videographers discretion.
  • Rehearsal Dinner and Flex coverage is typically filmed with a single videographer.
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