06) Can you explain the various edited film options?

Over the last several decades what we deliver has gone thru some dramatic changes. It used to be you often received a 2-3 hour film… usually filmed with a single camera, and it wasn’t all that exciting. Today, with multiple cameras and more advanced editing, we can create several separate films for you depending on what you want to watch 10-20 years from now. Our packages are built around the following types of edited, creative films…

1) Trailer – Teaser Film is typically 1-2 minutes 
2) Highlight Film is typically about 6 minutes
3) Feature Film is about 09-12 minutes
4) Ceremony Film runs in real time
5) Toasts/Speech Experience Films run in real time
6) Sometimes our couples want a little bit of everything. We also can provide a “Raw / Documentary Edit Film”. What we do is take all of the footage we filmed, remove things like walking with a camera looking at the floor, etc. Then we perform a broad color correction and place all of the clips in a sequential order of your day. The audio is as the cameras recorded it except for the edited films dropped into the timeline. Run-time for this film can vary depending in the package. Typical Signature 8 hr day package yields about 2-4 hours.

NOTE: Film options are also dependent on the amount of coverage booked.

  • Feature Films require either a full 2 day or partial 3 day wedding and run time is approx 09-12 minutes.
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